Gallia County Children Services, Meigs Job/Family Services and Integrated Services have teamed up to recruit and train foster/adoptive parents. As part of this collaboration, persons interested in fostering/adoption, will have access to a recruitment and training professional, to walk them through the process. This will make the process easier and more user friendly. In addition, there are funds to help applicants pay for background checks and inspections, instead of assuming those costs themselves.

1. Decide if your family is willing to accept a child in need.

2. Contact us. We will provide you with all the paperwork and explain everything in detail.

3. You will be assigned a caseworker who will help you through the program and assist you, every step of the way.

4. We will run a BCI&I and FBI background check on all adults in the home.

5. You will complete the application forms.

6. You will provide five letters of reference.

7. You will complete a Home Study, administered by Meigs or Gallia County Children’s Services.

8. Everyone in your home will need a medical form completed by your family doctor.

9. You will receive a home Fire Inspection by the state fire marshall.

10. You will complete thirty-six pre-service training hours, to be sure you understand the requirements of the program and the needs of a foster/adoptive child.

11. Once all these steps are completed satisfactorily, you will become a licensed foster / adoptive parent.

12. You can then make a difference in a child’s life.

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